Evolutionsbiologie / Evolutionary Biology

Bewilligungen / Grants 2005

11th Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology

Bewilligung: 28.06.2005 Laufzeit: -

The aim of this conference is to provide a stimulating and challenging environment for young evolutionary biologists. During the meeting there will be sessions on specific subjects in evolutionary biology like population genetics, phylogenetics, co-evolution, molecular evolution, experimental and microbial evolution, life history evolution, behavioural ecology and ecology and conservation. Within this framework an expert will give a talk that introduces the subject and shows current progress in the field. In addition, PhD students will present short talks about their own research projects and results and will discuss them with the audience. All talks are evaluated and each session ends with a round table discussion, led by the invited speaker. Overall, the meeting will provide an opportunity for the building of networks and exchange of ideas between students and invited experts from several European universities.

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