FAQs für Antragstellende aus dem Ausland

Die FAQs für Antragstellende aus dem Ausland liegen nur in englischer Sprache vor.

What kind of funding does the Foundation offer?

The Foundation concentrates its support on defined funding initiatives. It is not possible to apply for funding outside these funding initiatives.

What are the basic requirements to be eligible to apply?

Every applicant – from Germany or from abroad – must at least hold a PhD (or have equivalent academic experience) and must be affiliated to an academic institution. As a rule, the specific criteria of each call need to be met to be eligible to apply.

Is it possible for someone based at a university or research institute abroad to apply for funding?

Yes, there are two options: collaborating with an academic partner in Germany or continuing one’s research career in Germany (after PhD):

1. Collaborative projects: In some funding initiatives , the Foundation provides funds for projects that are conducted by international research teams. To be eligible to apply for funding from abroad under these initiatives, it is necessary to partner up with someone based at a German university or research institute, who then has to act as the main applicant and has to play a major role in this research cooperation.

2. Individual scholarships: The Foundation offers different postdoctoral funding opportunities . Freigeist Fellowships or Lichtenberg Professorships have to be conducted at a university or research institute in Germany, but applications are welcome from all countries.  

Is nationality a relevant category when applying for funding?

No, it is not. Anyone can apply if they are based in a country relevant to the respective call as long as the criteria of the specific call are met. Non-German nationals based at an academic institution in Germany are regarded as applicants from Germany, German nationals based at an academic institution abroad are regarded as applicants from abroad.

Does the Foundation offer any help in finding academic partners in Germany?

No, the responsibility for finding a potential academic partner based in Germany (or vice versa: finding an academic partner abroad for those based in Germany) lies with the researchers. The same applies to finding a possible host institution for fellowship candidates.

Does the Foundation offer any individual scholarships to conduct graduate studies?

No, the Foundation does not offer any funding for individuals who want to conduct graduate studies, neither in Germany, nor abroad (see also: What we do not fund).