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25. Okt. 2023, 08:45 Uhr - 27. Okt. 2023, 18:00 Uhr

Neuromorphic, Natural and Physical Computing: Interdisciplinary Foundations (NNPC 2023)

On October 25-27, 2023, researchers are coming together in Hannover for the NNPC 2023, an international conference on neuromorphic, natural and physical computing.

The general aim of NNPC 2023 is to boost interdisciplinary transfer of ideas and networking in the wider fields of non-digital computing. NNPC 2023 is a successor to the 2018 conference “Cognitive Computing: Merging Concepts with Hardware” whose very productive and motivating format will be kept, as well as the location and the collaboration between the project team and the Volkswagen Foundation.

Each session is devoted to a specific theme. We encourage active engagement of attendants by requiring submission of a 2-page abstract on a subject relating to one of the session themes. These abstracts are peer-reviewed. From the accepted abstracts three are chosen for oral presentations and the remaining ones for posters. Importantly, novelty is not essential as our aim is to make knowledge to diffuse across boundaries of the scientific domains involved.

For more information please visit the conference homepage: https://nnpc-conference.com/#

The deadline for submitting a 2-page abstract was March 31.


  • Session 1. Theory: new concepts and mathematical foundations
  • Session 2. Physical substrates: materials, devices, micro-architectures
  • Session 3. Guides from nature: neuroscience, theoretical biology, complex systems
  • Session 4. Scaling up: modular architectures, complex data structures and processes
  • Session 5. Applications: demonstrators, use-cases, user interfacing, hybrid solutions

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