Das Gefördertentreffen 2018 in Schloss Herrenhausen (©Stefan Koch für VolkswagenStiftung)
The tower of books by Slovak artist Matej Kren (Prague Municipal Library) can be seen as a symbol for the extensive contribution of the humanities to our cultural knowledge. What is their future role? (Foto: ©audouino -
Der Klostergarten Weihenstephan trägt wie viele andere seiner Art zur Gesundheit von Körper und Geist bei. (Foto: Violatan via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)
Interdisciplinary cooperation in research and higher education has been taken for granted already for a long time. But what does interdisciplinarity really mean, where are its boundaries and risks? (Photo: Julien Eichinger -
International experts discuss how development towards reaching the SDGs may enhance societal resilience against climates extremes. (Photo: Nirut Sangkeaw-