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News Nov. 15, 2023

Ukraine aid: "A project for the post-war future"

The Volkswagen Foundation is funding the virtual Ukraine Institute for Advanced Study with almost one million euros. The opening and the first conference have now taken place in Berlin.

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Interview Jul. 20, 2023

New funding offer: Democracies under change

In a two-part funding offer, the Foundation is looking for transdisciplinary project teams to draw up recommendations on how democracies must develop in order to master the multiplicity of societal challenges. Application deadline for 'task forces': Sept. 19, 2023

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News Jul. 04, 2023

status 2022 – Annual report of the Volkswagen Foundation

In 2022, the Volkswagen Foundation approved EUR 331,9 million for scientific projects. Figures, data and facts from our 2022 annual report.

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Interview Jul. 03, 2023

Incentive bonus of 10,000 euros for reviewers

Until June 30, 2024, researchers who participate in peer reviews for the Volkswagen Foundation can receive 10,000 euros in additional funding. Henrike Hartmann and Selahattin Danisman explain the unusual experiment.

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News Jun. 20, 2023

Support for Ukraine: Preparing for peacetime

Following its initial emergency assistance for Ukrainian researchers who have sought refuge in Germany, the Volkswagen Foundation is now offering support to those who remained in their home country – or want to return there – with two new projects.

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Interview Jun. 01, 2023

Does Alzheimer's research need to change course?

There is still no cure in sight for Alzheimer's disease. According to Christian Behl, this is partly because research has been following a single lead for the past 30 years – and ignoring others in the process. The biochemist explained his criticism of Alzheimer's research in a conversation with Catherine Newmark that took place in Hanover on 9 June 2023.