Partially Randomized Procedure - Lottery and Peer Review

#Peer Review

Since 2017, the Volkswagen Foundation is testing a new selection procedure for project applications: In the funding initiative "Experiment!", part of the funded projects are selected by an independent jury. Additionally, further projects are drawn from those applications that are suitable for the program and eligible for funding. Background and reactions to a new and unusual selection procedure.

More information on our new selection procedure

Vorschau Download 8 Thesen für ein Loselement

8 theses for a lot element in research funding

Quality assurance is and remains absolutely indispensable for science. However, the limitations of peer review are becoming increasingly evident. New approaches are therefore urgently needed – such as the partially randomized selection of projects by lot.

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Originality and quality through partially randomised methods? Accompanying scientific research on the Volkswagen Foundation’s "Experiment!" funding initiative

#Peer Review

Accompanying scientific research for the funding initiative "Experiment!" the Volkswagen Foundation. An interim result from June 2021.

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High level of acceptance for project selection by lot

#Peer Review

In our interview, Dr. Dagmar Simon and Dr. Martina Röbbecke from Evaconsult report on initial results from their accompanying research project on the partially randomized procedure applied in the "Experiment!" funding initiative.

International response to the partially randomized selection

In the meantime, other sponsors have also introduced partially randomized selection. A good overview of the motivation, arguments and case studies can be found in the handbook of the independent Research on Research Institute (RoRI).

Link to the RoRI Handbook for Experimental Funders