Science Communication and Knowledge Transfer

area of research: all subject areas
type of funding: innovative methods and activities for science communication and knowledge transfer
throughout the duration of the planned or already granted project
target group: project applicants or grant recipients of a current project
prerequisite: application in one of the funding initiatives or projects that are being funded currently

Do Not Apply Without Prior Consultation

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Encourages the dialogue between research and society: the funding initiative "Communicating Science and Research" (Foto: ©MR -


One of the tasks of the scientific community is to communicate its aspirations, methods and findings to the public and to reflect on them in a mutual exchange with civil society. The Volkswagen Foundation offers support to engage in such efforts. It encourages researchers to try out new forms of science communication, and it strengthens initiatives that bring academia and the public closer together by promoting the transfer of knowledge in both directions.

Target Group

This funding scheme aims at new applicants as well as researchers who currently receive funding from the foundation.

Scope of Funding

Funding may be granted for measures to improve science communication and knowledge transfer within the context of completely new proposals as well as for projects, which have already been approved. The foundation does not specify the communication approach or a cost limit. You can find further information on the terms of the call for proposals and the application procedure under Information for Applicants (pdf). Before submitting your application, please first contact the program director responsible for your subject area or the currently funded project.


The Volkswagen Foundation has been involved in various initiatives in the field of science communication and knowledge transfer since 2004. In November 2018, the existing activities were redefined to create an open offer for applicants in all funding initiatives – including ongoing projects.

Further information on the Foundation's activities in the field of science communication and knowledge transfer can be found under Focus: Science and the Public.