Woman in front of a shelf with records
Story Mar. 16, 2023

Supporting Science in Sub-Saharan Africa: Saving people and sounds from being forgotten

Lizabé Lambrechts researches South African popular music from the apartheid era 

Frau in einem Museumsarchiv mit großformatigen Gemälden
Story Feb. 16, 2023

Provenance Research: The Stories Behind the Things

Diving into archives, tracing the migration of museum objects through time and contexts – this is how provenance researcher Claudia Andratschke describes her work. A portrait.

Funding offer Feb. 23, 2023

New funding offer "Earth System Sciences"

Universities in Germany with a geoscience focus can apply for one to two junior tenure-track professorships. Deadline is Nov. 15, 2023.

Die Hände einer Großmutter nehmen die Hände eines Kindes
Interview Jun. 02, 2021

New funding offer: Aging Society in Europe

The "Challenges and Potentials for Europe" program gets a new focus. Funding manager Dr. Annabella Fick explains just what is changing and why.

Dinosaurier an einem Strand
Story May. 20, 2021

Dinosaur fate as science communication

A paleontological graphic novel brings a herd of Europasaurus dinosaurs and their ecosystem back to life – based on the fossil finds near Goslar.

Mann und Frau Symbol
Story Mar. 08, 2021

The hidden bias in AI: Programmed prejudice

Algorithms exhibit biases that may pose a threat to social cohesion. A collaborative research project led by Professor Dietmar Hübner is looking for solutions to a serious problem that will become increasingly pressing in the future. 

News Mar. 03, 2021

The Volkswagen Foundation’s new funding strategy

The Volkswagen Foundation is realigning its funding strategy, with the three profile areas "Exploration", "Understanding Research – Evaluation and Science Practice", and "Societal Transformations", as well as the cross-sectional area "Science in Society".

News Feb. 18, 2021

Freigeist Fellowships: 12.2 million euros for nine exceptional research personalities

Nine early career scientists have been awarded prestigious Freigeist Fellowships for their daring projects. A Freigeist Fellowship offers creative minds maximum freedom and a clear time perspective for their research.

Henrike Hartmann und Georg Schütte
Interview Feb. 16, 2021

"Swimming ahead of the tide"

The Foundation develops a radical new take on the future: and asks its researchers to do the same. A talk on strategy with Georg Schütte and Henrike Hartmann.