Our Mission Statement

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Our mission

Our mission is to advance science and technology in the areas of research and education. As a private foundation, we are able to provide fast and flexible support for outstanding academics and scientists and for topics with future potential. The freedom afforded by our independence enables us to employ unconventional ideas to support

  • scientific foundations in all disciplines,
  • structural conditions of research and teaching,
  • societal transformation processes,
  • dialogue between the scientific community and the public at large.

We shape innovation with the goal of lasting improvement, beyond the boundaries of disciplines and countries.

"We endow knowledge." And we have been doing so since 1961.

Our self-image 

We are convinced that scientific progress benefits society. We support researchers who are not afraid to pursue risk-prone ideas – and we demand of ourselves that we always take an approach that is innovative and far-sighted. 

As a foundation, we want to help shape prototypical improvements in the structures

We see ourselves as a learning organization. We constantly reflect on our own work in order to develop further. We are guided by the common good in everything we do, and we share the findings from our funding activities with reference groups within and beyond the scientific community.  

We offer our grantees a reliable, transparent partnership based on mutual trust. 

Our togetherness

We are united in what we do by high quality standards. We complement each other with our individual competencies, working as a team in joint pursuit of the foundation’s goals. 

We deal with each other and our partners in an appreciative, respectful and constructive manner.    

We communicate openly, transparently and directly both internally and externally.

We support each other in balancing work with everyday family and private life.