Niedersächsisches Vorab: Research Cooperation Lower Saxony – Israel

area of research: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences (call 2019)
type of funding: research projects
up to 300.000 Euro
up to 3 years
research cooperations between researchers from Lower Saxony and Israel

Deadline 2020: To Be Announced in Spring 2020

In Kooperation mit Kollegen der Ben-Gurion-Universität des Negev, Israel untersuchen Dr. Ina Christin Meier (links) und Julia Köhler in Göttingen die Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf die Nährstoffversorgung von Waldbäumen. (Foto: Daniel Pilar)
In Göttingen, Dr. Ina Christian Meier (left) and Julia Köhler investigate the effects of climate change on the nutrient supply of forest trees, in cooperation with colleagues from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel (Photo: Daniel Pilar)


The cooperation of Israeli and Lower Saxon universities and research institutions has a long history. The program "Research Cooperation Lower Saxony - Israel" supports this cooperation by promoting scientifically excellent collaborative projects.

Scope of Funding

Funding is provided for scientifically outstanding projects conducted jointly by researchers from Israel and Lower Saxony. The cooperation has to be justified coherently and explained in its design.

The funding program addresses different disciplines in different years:

2020: Humanities and Social Sciences
2021: Biological and Life Sciences, Medicine
2022: Natural Sciences, Mathematics, Engineering Sciences

It is possible to apply for interdisciplinary projects. The thematic focus of such projects has to lie in the disciplines addressed in the given year.

Details of conditions and the application procedure can be found under Principles of Funding for "Research Cooperation Lower Saxony - Israel" (pdf, in German). Applications have to be submitted electronically via the electronic application system.


This funding initiative is offered in cooperation with the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture and falls under the "Niedersächsisches Vorab". Within this context, grants may only be made to universities and research institutions actually located in Lower Saxony.