NEXT – Neuromorphic Computing

area of research: Natural sciences, engineering sciences, life sciences
type of funding: Workshop participation incl. travel expenses, research projects
early-career researchers
short proposal
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(Illustration: Artur Debat, GettyImages-1289519483)


This call aims at fostering collaboration and networking between scientists from the diverse research areas engaged in the field of "neuromorphic computing" and other recent approaches beyond the mainstream von Neumann architecture. Being mostly addressed through a diversity of different scientific languages and frameworks right now, further advancing the field of computing requires tackling it in a more holistic, interdisciplinary and co-creative way – something that this call intends to encourage. 

To that end, the Volkswagen Foundation invites applications by early-career researchers (postdocs and assistant/junior professors) for an Ideation Workshop to be held from December 5-8, 2022. The workshop offers an opportunity to exchange research ideas, get to know and network with potential partners as well as to develop creative new ideas for cooperative research projects. Subsequent to the workshop, the Foundation will offer participants of the workshop the opportunity to submit proposals for collaborative research projects, which are characterized by an integration of multiple perspectives and approaches to neuromorphic or unconventional computing significantly beyond the state of the art.

Scope of Funding

Funding comprises participation in the Foundation’s Ideation Workshop in Einbeck (Germany) from December 5 to 8, 2022 as well as related travel expenses. After the workshop, research groups formed at the workshop will have the opportunity to submit full proposals for funding of interdisciplinary collaborative research projects with up to four partners. Further information regarding the application process and funding conditions for such projects will be given at the workshop.

Details on requirements as well as the application procedure can be found under Information for Applicants (pdf). Applications must be filed electronically via the electronic application system.


The call "NEXT - Neuromorphic Computing" is part of the funding framework "NEXT" within the profile area "Exploration", with which the Volkswagen Foundation aims to address topics and research approaches that, on the one hand, exhibit a high degree of knowledge potential and future relevance, but, on the other hand, are currently not or not sufficiently pursued scientifically. The funding framework is the overarching umbrella for various calls on different thematic areas which are all intended to stimulate the scientific landscape and to direct the focus to what could be "next” as the title of the framework indicates.