Working towards sustainability in the Foundation

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Ensuring sustainability is a matter of particular concern to all of us at the Foundation. We are aware of our responsibility to act in a resource-saving manner, and over the past few years we have intensified our efforts in this direction. Here you can read about the steps we have already taken and the future goals we have in mind.

The Volkswagen Foundation has had a focus on sustainability for some time. In 2011, for example, a first environmental working group was set up, followed by a second initiative in 2019. On both occasions, all employees were invited to contribute their ideas for a more environmentally aware and climate-friendly workplace – and a large number participated. In the meantime, the many measures already implemented are already having an impact – but there is still a lot to do.

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Sustainability Report 2023 (in German)

The Volkswagen Foundation's first sustainability report, which maps the Foundation's sustainability performance for 2023, was prepared in accordance with the German Sustainability Code (DNK). It documents the measures already implemented and the progress made towards an environmentally and climate-friendly Foundation.

Download Sustainability Report 2023 (PDF, 1.3 MB)


Insights: Some examples of how we act sustainably

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1000 m3 of potable water is saved annually by using rainwater and water from the Foundation's own well.

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Saving energy: Many measures such as new insulated windows and modern heating technology have significantly reduced gas and electricity consumption.

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Roof greening: 1000 sqm of green roof contribute to climate improvement – and in the building to temperature equalization.

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Paperless office: When we do have to print or copy, it is always on both sides of the page, on recycled paper, and with ink from refillable cartridges.

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Vertical garden: The Foundation had a plant wall installed next to its entrance in 2021: Instead of concrete, it is now green.

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4700 kilos of fresh vegetables per year: Regional, seasonal, and also a daily vegetarian option in the restaurant. All perfectly natural for our kitchen team.

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Media technology: Modern video conferencing technology enables a "face-to-face" without having to travel.

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Busy bees: Two colonies with 100,000 bees ensure that flowering plants are pollinated – and not only on our own premises.

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Bike instead of car: Not only do many employees like to use their bicycles, but the Foundation's logistics team also frequently relies on muscle power for errands free of CO2 emissions.

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Native plants: For outdoors, the Foundation relies on native plants, selecting species that also provide food for insects.

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Illustration of the Foundations main building.

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