Illustration: Mann mit Laborbrille und Lupe blickt auf ein Modell der Erde
In brief Jul. 17, 2024

Understanding the Earth as a system: 10 million euros for reorientation and networking in "Earth system sciences"

Earth system sciences understand the world as a complex system. Phenomena of the Anthropocene, such as climate change, are the result of multiple interactions in this system concept, the interplay of which is researched by Earth system sciences. In order to establish this guiding principle in research and teaching, the Volkswagen Foundation has granted six junior professorships - with funding totalling around 10 million euros.

zwei Frauen vor einer rosafarbenen Wand
Interview Jul. 16, 2024

An art in itself - opportunities and risks of transdisciplinary research

Is it such a good idea for researchers to collaborate with stakeholders from outside the academic community? A discussion on the risks and opportunities of transdisciplinary research that took place between Berlin-based mobility researcher Sophia Becker and Henrike Hartmann, Deputy Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation, moderated by science journalist Christine Prußky.

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News Jun. 19, 2024

Positive feedback for distributed peer review

The Volkswagen Foundation's "Distributed Peer Review" experiment is well received by applicants, as a survey by the Research on Research Institute (RoRI) shows.

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News May. 30, 2024

Everyone is equal in the lottery drum

Reaching funding decisions by drawing lots? Although that might sound a little dubious, it is not. This is proven by a scientifically monitored experiment carried out by the Volkswagen Foundation, which concludes that a partially randomized selection procedure following the scientific reviews brings more diversity into the pool of grantees. The researchers asked by the Foundation to monitor the procedure arrive at some interesting insights in their overall assessment.

Woman stands in a modern industrial hall and observes a machine
In brief Apr. 30, 2024

Solar technology: From Hamelin to the world

Physicist Bianca Lim is responsible for strategic planning at the Institute for Solar Energy Research in Hamelin, keeping research "at the cutting edge". She wants to help bring the production of solar modules back to Germany.

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Interview Apr. 18, 2024

Wanted: scientific frontrunners for "Pioneering Research - Exploring the Unknown Unknown"

The new call for proposals for "Pioneering Research - Exploring the Unknown Unknown" offers higher funding amounts and longer funding periods. Pavel Dutow and Theresa Greupner explain what has changed and who can apply. Application deadline for the program is Sept. 3, 2024.