Woman leafing through a book
Story Apr. 24, 2023

At the University of Jena, a Ukrainian researcher who fled the war in her country is able to continue her work

Scholar of administration Tetiana Kovalova had to give up her home in Kharkiv – but not her research. She is now in Jena, working on a project to do with post-war reconciliation and conflict transformation. Her work is supported by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Frau in einem Museumsarchiv mit großformatigen Gemälden
Story Apr. 16, 2023

Provenance research: The stories behind the things

Diving into archives, tracing the migration of museum objects through time and contexts – this is how provenance researcher Claudia Andratschke describes her work. A portrait.

Frau im Labor lächelt in die Kamera
Story Apr. 13, 2023

Quantum technology: Computing with light

Stefanie Kroker works in the field of nanometrology, creating the tiniest structures and developing techniques to measure them as precisely as possible. Research on quantum computing could also benefit from this. A portrait.

Podium mit several people
News Apr. 04, 2023

African scientists create "Knowledge for Tomorrow"

The Volkswagen Foundation launched its research commitment in Africa 20 years ago. Now, the Foundation is inviting its fellows to Naivasha, Kenya, for a future-oriented dialogue.

Funding offer Apr. 03, 2023

Pioneer Projects – Impetus for the German Research System

The Volkswagen Foundation wants to offer experimental spaces for fundamental innovations and significant improvements in all areas of the (German) research system. To this end, the Foundation will fund promising ideas for pioneer projects from the academic community.

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News Mar. 29, 2023

Supporting Science in Sub-Saharan Africa: On the satisfaction derived from developing solutions

Not only crises caused by political upheavals or famines continue to wreak havoc on societies and communities on the African continent. Gilbert Fokou, a social anthropologist from Cameroon, sees himself as a bridging interface between the people and decision-makers in politics. He is driven by a strong determination to help the very poor.