Story Apr. 09, 2019

From Dream to Reality

Fresh water as a precious resource. A young Kenyan scientist has made this her theme – one that has accompanied her through her scientific career.

Story Mar. 25, 2019

Like Pavlov’s Famous Dog?

Researchers in Tubingen are attempting to find out whether plants show comparable reflexes – and can therefore be regarded as capable of learning.

Story Mar. 01, 2019

Using Light to Steer Microparticles Through Liquids

"Like a license to tinker around": Freigeist Fellow Juliane Simmchen explores how to move the tiniest particles in liquids. One goal: to remove pollutants from water or to specifically target the transportation of drugs through the body.

Story Jan. 24, 2019

And the other way around? Global health upside down!

Story Aug. 15, 2018

Like Winning the Lottery

About a chemist from Syria, who fled his country in search of peace – and found a little piece of home at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology: A true story with an almost perfect happy ending.

Story Aug. 09, 2018

The Dark Sides of Open Science

Have calls for transparency in science gone too far? German science expert Stefan Hornbostel argues that some transparency is good for science – but too much can backfire, reducing the efficiency and quality of research and eroding public trust.