Woman in front of a shelf with records
Story Mar. 16, 2023

Supporting Science in Sub-Saharan Africa: Saving people and sounds from being forgotten

Lizabé Lambrechts researches South African popular music from the apartheid era 

Frau in einem Museumsarchiv mit großformatigen Gemälden
Story Feb. 16, 2023

Provenance Research: The Stories Behind the Things

Diving into archives, tracing the migration of museum objects through time and contexts – this is how provenance researcher Claudia Andratschke describes her work. A portrait.

Funding offer Feb. 23, 2023

New funding offer "Earth System Sciences"

Universities in Germany with a geoscience focus can apply for one to two junior tenure-track professorships. Deadline is Nov. 15, 2023.

Interview Nov. 05, 2020

High level of acceptance for project selection by lot

In our interview, Dr. Dagmar Simon and Dr. Martina Röbbecke from Evaconsult report on initial results from their accompanying research project on the partially randomized procedure applied in the "Experiment!" funding initiative.

News Oct. 19, 2020

PREMIER - a model for better research quality

Missing data, incomplete minutes, unclear research designs: many pre-clinical studies in biomedicine are not quite 100% robust. A team led by Charité researcher Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl is committed to improving research quality – so they developed PREMIER.

Interview Sep. 15, 2020

On the way to an ideal science discourse

Corona gives science a shakeup. One effect is that researchers discuss their ideas more openly and share their data and results earlier. That is Open Science. Does openness make research better? A conversation with Ulrich Dirnagl.

Interview Aug. 18, 2020

Knowledge of primeval times helps to counter the climate crisis

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has appointed palaeobiologist Wolfgang Kiessling to act as a main author of the next world climate report. Read the following interview about forecasts, parallels, and his contribution to combating the climate crisis.

Story Aug. 13, 2020

Alliance with the Serpent King

The biologist Ulrich Kuch has been doing intensive research on venomous snakes for years. Now, together with experts in Myanmar, he is looking for a new method to protect people around the world from bites.

News Aug. 10, 2020

On the trail of the evolution of viruses

As part of its "Life?" initiative, the Volkswagen Foundation is supporting an international team in the research of a novel virus-like element with 1 million euros.