Thematic Week: Ethics of Science. Current Challenges, Opportunities and Limitations (completed)

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Science and research are of central importance for modern societies – a fact which became highly visible in the last year and a half of the Corona pandemic, in which scientists have featured prominently in many societal debates. But within science, new ethical questions are regularly uncovered and raised. That science does not answer these questions on its own, but through discussing and negotiating regulations, limits and framework conditions together with politics, society and the broader public, contributes to a strong and sustainable trust of society in science and research.

Against this background, the Volkswagen Foundation is hosting a thematic symposium week from November 2 to 4, 2022 at the conference center Xplanatorium Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover on the topic 'Ethics of Science. Current challenges, opportunities and limitations'.

The Foundation invited applications for scientific symposia dealing in particular with questions of ethics of science in the context of the described relationship between science and society. Applications could focus on current or upcoming issues and challenges in the ethics of science, as well as aiming to address more fundamental possibilities and limits of scientific ethics. The foundation encourages an exchange of ideas beyond a purely scientific perspective by including actors from other relevant fields such as politics, science funding or management, or the wider civil society.

General Conditions

The symposia funded by the Volkswagen Foundation take place at the conference center Xplanatorium Herrenhausen Palace in Hannover. Regarding the general conditions and application process, in addition to the call for proposals, the requirements of the 'Symposia' funding initiative and, in particular, the Information for Applicants 01 apply. 


The call for proposals for the thematic week 'Ethics of Science' is part of the funding initiative 'Symposia'.

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Dr. Silke Bertram