Transformative Designs for Sustainability

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International researchers and practitioners discuss important mindshifts for the Anthropocene at the symposium Transformative Designs for Sustainability in Hanover from June 18 - 20, 2018.

At the symposium experts will discuss new approaches that are needed for sustainability transformations. (Foto: dehweh -
At the symposium experts will discuss new approaches that are needed for sustainability transformations. (Foto: dehweh -

For a video on the symposium (by Collective Leadership Institute), please visit YouTube: Transformative Designs for Sustainability

The world is facing massive changes in all areas of human existence, be it geological dynamics, unprecedented social inequality or the digital revolution to name but a few. Unsurprisingly it has become common sense to call for paradigms, values or mindset shifts, for systems innovation or great transformations so that conscious and cooperative engagements can shape the emerging Anthropocene into a desirable future.

These shifts are part and parcel of any intentional system innovation or transformation agenda. Transformative designs for sustainability refer to an innovative approach, that addresses not only to the What, but also to the How of finding new ways to operate responsibly with each other and the planet. New approaches to structuring interventions towards sustainability transformations need to be inspired by mindsets that acknowledge a systems view of life. So do strategies for change: designing and implementing transformation collectively is a skill requiring widespread distribution. It needs to become the approach of governments, development agencies, scientists, corporations and civil society activists.

Set up as an experimental exploration and inspiration among leading thinkers, practitioners and potential initiators of these processes the Symposium Transformative Designs for Sustainability is built around five questions: How do we encourage deliberative dialogue when deep-seated values and unstated assumptions about how the world works are part of the conversation? How can a systems view of life and rigorous knowledge generation in understanding evolutionary processes inspire transformative change designs? How do we design transformative change processes to get from deliberation to constructing new forms of innovative transformation practices, enabling institutions and empowering structures? How do we design change interventions in a way that they engage many actors to self-organization for human agency towards a more sustainable and desirable future? How do we develop the personal capabilities and collaboration forms that are facilitating mind shifts and recalibrations fit for the Anthropocene?

The goal of the Transformation Lab is to enable deep dialogue, mutual learning and co-creation of ideas. Expected outcomes are inspirations regarding transformative process and systems design for selected cases of large systems change.

The symposium provides a highly interactive forum for debate between researchers of all fields and practitioners working in relevant institutions that are dealing with the Anthropocene. 

The symposium is organized by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, the Collective Leadership Institute, the International Club of Rome and the Volkswagen Foundation.

Symposium: "Transformative Designs for Sustainability
June 18-20, 2018 
Herrenhausen Palace, Hanover, Germany


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The conference language is English.

Venue and public transport

The symposiumis held at Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover, Germany. You can reach the venue by tram: Take line 4 or 5 and get off at "Herrenhäuser Gärten".