At the Herrenhausen Conference international experts discussed how development towards reaching the SDGs may enhance societal resilience against climates extremes. (Photo: Nirut Sangkeaw-
Interdisciplinary cooperation in research and higher education has been taken for granted already for a long time. But what does interdisciplinarity really mean, where are its boundaries and risks? (Photo: Julien Eichinger -
Das RESIST-Team arbeiten daran, Infektionen vermeiden, diagnostizieren und therapieren zu können. Frühgeborene sind beispielsweise besonders anfällig: Selbst alltägliche Infekte können bei ihnen lebensbedrohliche Konsequenzen haben. (Foto: MHH/Kaiser)
The Cluster of Excellence RESIST focuses its research inter alia on host factors determining the severity of bacterial and viral infections. (Photo: Cluster of Excellence RESIST, Hannover Medical School)