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Quality assurance is and remains absolutely indispensable for science. However, the limitations of peer review are becoming increasingly evident. New approaches are therefore urgently needed – such as the partially randomized selection of projects by lot.

Welche Rolle spielen Museen heute in der Gesellschaft? Wo liegen ihre Herausforderungen – wo die ihrer Partnerinnen und Partner an den Hochschulen? Und welchen Beitrag leistet die sammlungsbezogene Forschung? Diese sowie weitere Fragen adressiert die Konferenz "Welche Museen für welche Gesellschaft? 10 Jahre Forschung in Museen" vom 18. bis 20. März 2019 in Hannover – Medienvertreterinnen und -vertreter sind herzlich dazu eingeladen!

While the innovations in the field of artificial intelligence are developing rapidly, man needs to remain the measure of all things. That's what this focus topic is all about: the field of tension between AI and society.

Confidence in the independence of science is waning, research facts are denied: Those who want to convey science to a broad audience are facing new challenges. These challenges and how to approach them constructively - that's what the contributions in our focus "Science and Society" are about.

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Video: Volkswagen Foundation - Who we are, what we do
The Volkswagen Foundation is Germany‘s largest private research funding foundation, and one of the country’s largest common benefit foundations under private law: Who established the foundation? Where does its money come from? And how does the foundation work? The animated video gives a short overview.