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The Volkswagen Foundation supports a diversified virology and drug research at German universities and supports highly innovative research approaches with recognizable translational potential. Next Deadline: February 17, 2022.

Während nationalistische Kräfte den Zusammenhalt Europas immer stärker belasten, bringt das Förderangebot "Herausforderungen für Europa" wissenschaftliche Partnerinstitutionen aus Ost und West zusammen. Die Themenvielfalt in dieser offenen Ausschreibung ist groß: Sie reicht von KI-gestützter Asylpolitik über Bürgerbewegungen bis zu Strategien gegen gesellschaftliche Polarisierung.

While the innovations in the field of artificial intelligence are developing rapidly, man needs to remain the measure of all things. That's what this focus topic is all about: the field of tension between AI and society.

Confidence in the independence of science is waning, research facts are denied: Those who want to convey science to a broad audience are facing new challenges. These challenges and how to approach them constructively - that's what the contributions in our focus "Science and Society" are about.

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Video: Volkswagen Foundation - Who we are, what we do
The Volkswagen Foundation is Germany‘s largest private research funding foundation, and one of the country’s largest common benefit foundations under private law: Who established the foundation? Where does its money come from? And how does the foundation work? The animated video gives a short overview.