Herrenhausen Lecture: "Rechtsstaatsdämmerung in der Europäischen Union"

Armin von Bogdandy. Vortrag im Rahmen des 70. Deutschen Juristentags.

"Rechtsstaatsdämmerung in der Europäischen Union"

The lecture was held in Hanover during the "70. Deutschen Juristentag" on September 16, 2014. It is a short and slightly developed version of an essay written in collaboration with Dr. Michael Ioannidis (Das systemische Defizit, ZaöRV 74 [2014], S. 283 – 328), that developed the idea in far more detail.

Background: Herrenhausen Lectures
The series "Herrenhausen Lectures" is a compilation of outstanding lectures held at Herrenhausen Palace, Hanover, in the context of various conferences and events. The lectures represent comprehensive summaries of respective levels of knowledge. They are chosen for the way they critically examine the scientific and scholarly potential of the topics dealt with, point out the challenges involved, and creatively explore the opportunities and risks of future developments. The Volkswagen Foundation’s “Herrenhausen Lectures” want to constitute a valuable contribution to the academic debate and simultaneously facilitate the transfer of knowledge 


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