Crossing Borders 2016

The English-language magazine “Crossing Borders” presents cross-border projects funded by the Volkswagen Foundation and takes a look at its international activities.


Content (Excerpt)

Towards a Safer, Sustainable Future on Pasture Lands

Cooperating with colleagues in Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia, German researchers are investigating the effects of natural hazards and how to mitigate the consequences for herders.

500 Years of Periphery Is Enough

The world needs emerging powers like Brazil to contribute new ideas to deal with global challenges – like implementing the responsibility to protect populations from genocide and other mass atrocities.

An Insoluble Dilemma?

On their way towards a modest level of affluence, countries of the global South are producing growing amounts of greenhouse gases. Politics, industry, and science have to tackle a number of major tasks.

A Network for Health

The African Research Network on Neglected Tropical Diseases ARNTD focuses on creating a sustainable environment for urgently needed research.

Replacing the Yardstick and Changing Perspective

“ To overcome methodological nationalism means to ensure that the determination of the space of relevance becomes part of every new research project.”

Bio-Based Cement Solutions – Made in Africa

Young African scientists are developing innovative formulas to produce building materials with local resources. The Volkswagen Foundation is funding the KEYS symposia series in Tanzania, Ghana, and South Africa.

With Flexibility, a Sense of Responsibility, and Patience

Cooperative research on developments in the Arab world is a challenge for all concerned.

Water Is Life, and Clean Water Means Health

In a collaborative effort scientists from three countries are researching the correlation between water supply and the risk of disease in Uzbekistan.


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