From 12 to 19 March 2019, the established Spring School brought together scientists from neurobiology, computer science, engineering, psychology and philosophy in order to deal with senses and sensors across disciplines and with the data collected.

Sustainable building in Africa and strategies for improved higher education were the focus of a conference in Nairobi.

"Like a license to tinker around": Freigeist Fellow Juliane Simmchen explores how to move the tiniest particles in liquids. One goal: to remove pollutants from water or to specifically target the transportation of drugs through the body.

At the Herrenhäuser Gespräch on February 14, 2019, experts debated how we should deal with artificial intelligence: A discussion surrounding privacy, control and power at a time when the machines around us are becoming ever more intelligent.

Mit "Momentum" adressiert die VolkswagenStiftung eine enge Zielgruppe: erstberufene Professorinnen und Professoren. Was die Förderinitiative dieser Klientel zu bieten hat, erläutern die zuständigen Förderreferentinnen Antje Tepperwien und Anja Fließ.

An exchange in the ethics debate surrounding technical progress: Self-driving vehicles was the topic of a panel discussion at the Herrenhäuser Forum held on January 15, 2019.

The Volkswagen Foundation has approved funding of around 7 million euro in the engineering and social sciences for five interdisciplinary research clusters dealing with the challenges arising from the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society.

In its initiative focussing Central Asia and the Caucasus the Foundation especially supports the capacity development in research and higher education in the region. In Tbilisi, Georgia, 11 postgraduates now benefit from a novel, clearly structured doctoral program.

Selection processes in research funding are known to be unreliable, costly and prone to bias. Injecting some randomness into the process may improve science while improving fairness and efficiency, says Dorothy Bishop, a neuropsychologist in Oxford, who started a lively online-discussion among researchers.