Participants of the symposium “Limits to Growth” draw up a blueprint for sustainable development.

While the Herrenhäuser Symposium was still fresh in everyone’s minds, last Friday Dennis Meadows attended the Winter School "Limits to Growth Revisited" in Visselhövede to join young researchers in discussing the results of their workshop.

Prominent guest kicks off the two-day Herrenhausen Symposium "Already Beyond? – 40 Years Limits to Growth" in Hanover.

At a winterschool organized by the Volkswagen Foundation from 25th to 30th November, 60 young academics are debating what has been the impact of the study "The Limits to Growth".

Mechanisms of vulnerability for mental illnesses over lifetime will be the focus of the Volkswagen Foundation’s second Herrenhausen Conference from April 3 to April 5, 2013. The VolkswagenFoundation offers Travel Grants that are available for young scientists who wish to attend the Conference, application deadline is January 3, 2013.

Recently, dancers and scientists got together in Frankfurt am Main for the third workshop of the project "Dance Engaging Science".

Der Charlotte- und Karl-Bühler-Preis der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie geht in diesem Jahr an Lichtenberg-Professor Urs Nater von der Philipps-Universität Marburg.

The first controlled studies of extremely hot, dense matter have overthrown the widely accepted 50-year-old model used to explain how ions influence each other’s behavior in a dense plasma.

Dr. Wilhelm Krull, Secretary General of the Volkswagen Foundation, was awarded an honorary professorship by the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at Washington University, St. Louis.