European philanthropists call for solidarity

The Volkswagen Foundation signs a statement on European solidarity in the time of the coronavirus crisis, coordinated by DAFNE and the EFC

Satellitenfoto Europa bei Nacht
Europe by night (Photo: NASA - Wikimedia Commons)

More than 150 European foundations, including the Volkswagen Foundation, have signed the "European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19" coordinated by the European Foundation Centre (EFC) and the Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe (DAFNE) (as of April 8, 2020). With their signature, the foundations recognize the coronavirus pandemic as an exceptional event that will have an unprecedented impact on civil society organizations and NGOs across Europe and throughout the world - and show their commitment to stand together during this testing time.

The foundations provide support to the communities, services or organisations receiving funding from the foundations, should they, for example, experience difficulties achieving some of the outputs or outcomes agreed for the grant or be unable to meet deadlines during the outbreak. Please find the complete statement under "European Philanthropy Statement on COVID-19".


For more information on how the Volkswagen Foundation is dealing with the corona crisis, please visit "Consequences of the coronavirus pandemic for the Foundation".