Entertaining and informative: The young South African scientist Dr. Anita Etale explains the benefits of nanotechnologies.

Since the collapse of the Rana Plaza textile factory, occupational safety in Bangladesh has improved – according to the results of a Foundation-funded study. But what will remain if the politicians don't keep at it?  

Many courts in the USA use software to assess the risk of recidivism of defendants. Should AI also be used in the German judicial system? An interdisciplinary research group is now seeking answers to the provocative issues raised in this context.

Freigeist Fellow Dr. Tine Hanrieder talks about how the pandemic is impacting on her research – and what she would like to see happen for people working on the front lines of global health care.

Thanks to increasingly sophisticated voice control, communication between man and machine is making great strides. Will the dialog with intelligent systems change our society?

The linguist Birgit Hellwig is researching the language acquisition of small children – on the example of Qaqet, an endangered language in Papua New Guinea.

Up to 120,000 Euro, up to 18 months: The call supports research projects from all disciplines. The proposal must be submitted by an applicant employed at an institution in Germany, international collaborations are possible. Deadline: June 4, 2020.

New impetus for the Volkswagen Foundation’s international funding: Interview with Dr. Adelheid Wessler, head of the 'International' funding team, on the 'Global Issues' program.

Dieter Lehmann, Head of Asset Management at the Volkswagen Foundation, explains the effects of the corona crisis on the Foundation's assets and approved projects. In a video interview he shows how foundations can protect themselves against crises.