Artificial Intelligence and Society

Given the pace of innovation in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), many people are looking for orientation, explanation, classification. What opportunities does KI offer? Where are risks? The trust in our society will only grow, if the AI ​​development also deals with the ethical, moral and normative consequences of its actions. The Volkswagen Foundation supports this process with a constantly updated focus - and a funding initiative supporting the close collaboration of technology and social sciences.

The initiative focuses on joint, integrative research approaches in the social sciences and the engineering sciences. It is aimed primarily at postdoctoral researchers and professors at all career levels in the social and engineering sciences. Next deadline: October 17, 2019 (Full Grants)

In its funding initiative on artificial intelligence (AI), the Foundation promotes close collaboration between the technical and social sciences in order to enable future-oriented AI research in the interests of society at large. An interview with the initiative's program directors. Sep. 30, 2019

Ethical aspects are rarely considered when it comes to the design and the programming of a robot. This is where Aimee van Wynsberghe, co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, is stepping in. Aug. 8, 2019

Göttingen research project "Deep Movement Diagnostics" receives around 1.2 million euros for the development of three-dimensional reconstructions of movement Patterns. June 19, 2019

Less apprehension, in return for a more intensive social debate: Robot psychologist Martina Mara puts in a plea for a more visionary approach to robotics and artificial intelligence – and to bridge the gaps between the disciplines. May 13, 2019

From March 12 to 19, 2019, the established Spring School brought together scientists from neurobiology, computer science, engineering, psychology and philosophy in order to deal with senses and sensors across disciplines and with the data collected. March 21, 2019

A panel member of this year's German Research Summit, science journalist Manuela Lenzen discusses how artificial intelligence (AI) affects society. In the following interview, the author of "AI – What it can do and what awaits us" answers some fundamental questions on the topic. March 18, 2019

At a Herrenhäuser Gespräch on February 14, 2019, experts debated how we should deal with artificial intelligence: A discussion surrounding privacy, control and power at a time when the machines around us are becoming ever more intelligent. February 21, 2019

An exchange in the ethics debate surrounding technical progress: Self-driving vehicles was the topic of a panel discussion at the Herrenhäuser Forum held on January 15, 2019

The Volkswagen Foundation has approved funding of around 7 million euro in the engineering and social sciences for five interdisciplinary research clusters dealing with the challenges arising from the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on society. The projects range from the use of artificial intelligence as an aid to decision making in criminal justice to its effect on communication culture and AI-supported precision medicine. January 15, 2019