Trilateral Partnerships – Cooperation Projects between Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine, Russia and Germany (completed)

area of research: Calls Open to All Disciplines
type of funding: seed funding
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Against the background of the current conflict between Ukraine, Russia and the EU the Foundation aims to strengthen cross-border cooperation between scholars, scientists, and academic institutions from all countries involved. Thereby, it intends to contribute to building rapprochement, confidence, and understanding in the region and to maintain a dialogue with colleagues in Germany, too.

Scope of Funding

The call is open to researchers from all disciplines, i.e. natural, life and engineering sciences as well as humanities and social sciences. There are no preferences in terms of topics to be addressed.

Funding may be provided for research projects (with a budget of up to 250,000 Euro) as well as for small scholarly meetings such as workshops, symposia, or summer schools. It is expected that the work schedule and the budget are evenly distributed between the partner groups, at least one per country. Junior scientists from the countries participating should be adequately involved in all activities.

Details of the application requirements and procedure can be found under Information for Applicants (pdf). Applications must be submitted electronically via the electronic application system.


Between 1992 and 2007, the Volkswagen Foundation already supported cooperative projects between German and Eastern European / Russian scientists and scholars in a wide range of disciplines. As a reaction to the continuing conflict in and over Ukraine, the Foundation decided to initiate a specific offer for trilateral scientific cooperation between the Eastern European conflicting parties and Germany.