Unity amidst Variety? Intellectual Foundations and Requirements for an Enlarged Europe (completed)

area of research: humanities, social sciences
type of funding: research project; int. coop. with partner in Germany; organizing an event
Forscherin und Bewohnerin in Usbekistan vor einem Trinkwasserhahn.
In the project "Health research capacity and water-related diseases" the improvement of public health risk strategies in Uzbekistan is being investigated. (Photo: Eugeniy Moiseev for Volkswagen Foundation)

This funding initiative was designed to provide a stimulus for intensifying historical and contemporary research into Eastern Europe within the framework of international cooperations. The objective was to illuminate the diversity and heterogeneity of this cultural area with its relations and links with the rest of Europe in order to reveal the intellectual foundations and requirements for the success of an enlarged Europe.

Funding was available for all disciplines of the humanities and the social sciences. The Foundation attached great importance to a substantial participation on the part of scholars from Central and East European countries; at the same time it was expected that the funded projects made a tangible contribution to reinforcing the research capacity of the region.

You still find details regarding this funding initiative together with information on how to file applications in the Information for Applicants, which also includes a checklist.