Niedersächsisches Vorab: Science and Scholarship for Sustainable Development (completed)

area of research: all disciplines
type of funding: research projects
up to 400,000 Euro per research group
up to 4 years
research institutions in Lower Saxony, Germany
3-5 professors/groups per cooperation; coordination by a university in Lower Saxony
Photo: Uwe Schlick -


The purpose of this call is to anchor the concept of sustainability as a guiding princi-ple for teaching and research in future university development. The program "Science and Scholarship for Sustainable Development" offers support for new collaborative research groups to explore solutions to societal challenges like demographic change, the turnaround in energy policy, and issues surrounding mobility, food supply, and agriculture.

Scope of Funding

The Foundation offers support for top-level collaborative research projects that pursue a cross-disciplinary approach to current pressing societal issues. The program addresses universities in Lower Saxony and is thematically open to all fields, including:

  • Environment, climate, agricultural issues, energy policy, mobility
  • Health, demographics, open society, alternative forms of economy
  • Cultural self-reflexion, sustainability discourse in society and science, intercultural studies on the relationship between nature and culture
  • Sustainable technology, the societal conditions for sustainable development/social innovations

No further calls in this funding offer.


This funding initiative is offered in cooperation with the Lower Saxony Ministry for Science and Culture and falls under the "Niedersächsisches Vorab". Within this context, grants may only be made to universities and research institutions actually located in Lower Saxony.