Innovative Methods for the Manufacturing of Multifunctional Surfaces (completed)

area of research: Engineering Sciences
type of funding: research project
Dr. Volker Busskamp im Seminarraum
Dr. Volker Busskamp does research on stem cells - also an important future topic. (Photo: Sven Döring for Volkswagen Foundation)

Self-cleaning, adaptive or even self-healing surfaces demonstrate the potential of new, functional surfaces. However, their technical or even industrial implementation frequently fails because the manufacturing method cannot be integrated into existing production procedures.

This initiative was aimed at scientists who – in a cooperation of at least two working groups with complementary expertise – concerned themselves with unconventional new ways in production and surface technology and developed new hybrid processes for the manufacturing of components with a functional surface. At least one of the working groups was required to have a background in engineering science.

You can still find details regarding the content of this offer in the Information for Applicants.

Funding opportunities also existed for symposia, summer schools and workshops.