Innovation Processes in Economy and Society (completed)

area of research: Economic and social sciences
type of funding: research project; int. coop. with partner in Germany; organizing an event;
Herdenmanagement mittels GPS-Tracking
Herders coping with hazards in the Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia: A new research approach based on GPS-tracking. (Photo: Max Schubovic for Volkswagen Foundation)

Innovations and the processes in which they either achieve the breakthrough or fail are touchstones for the creativity and future viability of a society. The funding initiative was designed to help analyze conducive and obstructive influences, the positive and negative interplay of the persons and organizations concerned, the prerequisites and determinants of innovation processes, their effects and consequences and thus to give sharper contours to innovation research, not only in Germany.

One of the important requirements to qualify for support was interdisciplinary cooperation. Within this initiative it was possible to provide support for research projects and scientific events, coordinated dissertations in different disciplines as well as research stays and research professorships.