Funding for Refugee Scholars and Scientists from Afghanistan (closed)

area of research: all disciplines
type of funding: own position or fellowship
up to 2 years
researchers in Germany who have been funded by the Foundation and who wish to integrate refugee scholars from Afghanistan into their research context
prerequisites: applicant is/was funded by the Foundation (within the last 10 years) and is currently linked to a research institution in Germany
additional benefits: special family related benefits
Landkarte Afghanistan
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The rapid advance of the Taliban and their seizure of power in August 2021 forced many Afghans to flee their country. The Volkswagen Foundation wishes to support exiled Afghan academics in continuing their research in Germany and to contribute to their integration into German society as well as the local science system. 

Scope of Funding

  • Researchers in Germany who have been funded during the last 10 years by the Foundation have the possibility to integrate refugee scholars into their research context and support them at their institute for up to two years.
  • Alternatively, scientists in Germany currently funded by the Foundation have the possibility to apply for additional funding to integrate refugee scholars into their ongoing project for up to two years.
  • The maximum funding amount in both cases is 150,000 Euro for the entire term.

Further details on the conditions and the application procedure can be found under Information for Applicants 110a (pdf). Please note that researchers who have been funded in the context of the Philipp Schwartz Initiative or other funding programs directed at "scholars at risk" are not eligible to apply. In any case, before drafting detailed proposals applicants should first contact the Foundation. Applications must be filed electronically via the electronic application system.


The funding for refugee scholars was established in 2015.