Communicating Science and Research

Researches the repercussions of computer games: Christoph Klimmt experimenting on himself with a Wii console (Photo: Michael Heck).

This funding opportunity provides support for public relations activities for the Volkswagen Foundations grant recipients. Some of the specific calls for proposals within the initiative are also open to new applicants.


There is a growing and pressing need to inform the public at large on the findings of basic and strategic research. The Volkswagen Foundation provides support in this area and encourages new approaches to the task at hand.

Scope of Funding

Call for Grantees of the Volkswagen Foundation

Applications in this funding line can either be submitted together with project proposals or at a later date. Funding can be made available for:

  • Innovative measures for improving public relations activities in funded projects and existing funding initiatives.
  • The development of self-organized events and new communication formats suitable for being hosted in the conference center in Hanover-Herrenhausen.

Please be sure to make personal contact and receive consultation from the respective contact person prior to submitting an application for funding.  

Public Calls

Ideas Contest "Herrenhausen Conferences – Ideas and Concepts"
The Volkswagen Foundation invites scholars and scientist of all disciplines to submit outline proposals for future "Herrenhausen Conferences" within the call "Herrenhausen Conferences – Ideas and Concepts".

Previous calls: Call "Science and Data-Driven Journalism", Ideas Contest "Extreme Events" (2010), Ideas Contests "Evolution today" (2007, in view of the Darwin year 2009).


This funding initiative succeeds another initiative introduced in 2007 entitled "Science – the Public – and Society", which was given a new focus in 2011 when it was renamed "The Mediation and Communication of Science and Research". It also integrates the discontinued funding initiative "Deutsch plus" - A Program for Multilingualism in Teaching and Research.