Additional Funding for Science Communication

area of research: all subject areas
type of funding: innovative methods and activities for science communication
up to 150.000 Euro
The funding period is not strictly tied to the duration of the respective main project.
target group: current grantees of the Foundation
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Encourages the dialogue between research and society: the funding scheme "Additional Funding for Science Communication" (Foto: ©MR -


In the course of the Corona pandemic, the importance of self-mediated science communication has further increased compared to previous years. Also in the future, trust in and credibility of science will largely depend on how convincingly researchers communicate their knowledge to non-scientific target groups – and in turn how constructively they incorporate their questions, concerns and ideas.

The Volkswagen Foundation aims to strengthen this dialogical process by supporting science communication in projects it currently funds. In addition, the foundation supports the development of skills in the field of science communication: After a pre-selection of draft proposals, successful applicants are provided with additional expertise for the practice of science communication in accompanying workshops.

Scope of Funding

The program addresses current grantees of the Volkswagen Foundation. The focus is on supporting dialogic and participatory formats in particular, which are based on innovative, forward-looking concepts and bring public and science closer together.
The application and review process is structured in two stages.

Draft proposals can be submitted by the deadline (s. Template Draft). Successful proposals will be invited to a workshop (with external support from NaWik), where in-depth knowledge on the conception, implementation and distribution of science communication measures will be imparted. For the workshop (duration two half days), two dates are offered: April 7/8, 2022 and April 12/13, 2022. 

An external, transdisciplinary panel will review the full proposals. Further information on the terms and conditions of the call and on how to submit an application can be found under Information for Applicants 118 (pdf, in German).


The Volkswagen Foundation has been involved in science communication and knowledge transfer with various initiatives since 2004. In the Herrenhausen Palace conference center in Hanover, the Foundation will offer the general public panel discussions with top-class experts on current scientific issues, partly in cooperation with public broadcasting media. With its "Science Communication Cubed – Science of Science Communication Centers" program, it promotes and establishes centers at selected universities in which science communication is researched at an internationally competitive level – with partners in Germany and abroad and on issues that are relevant not least to the practice of communication.

Further information on the Foundation's activities in the field of science communication can be found under Focus: Science and the Public.