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'Freigeist' Fellowships

Deadline: October 11, 2018

all disciplines

own position (head of junior research group)

up to 1 million Euro

prerequisites: PhD degree no longer than four years prior to submission; linked to research institution in Germany; completed change of academic environment and research sojourn abroad

'Mixed Methods' in the Humanities?

Applications for workshops/summer schools at any time

humanities and cultural studies

workshops and small-scale summer schools (funding line 2)

prerequisite: equitable combination of qualitative-hermeneutical and digital procedures

Challenges for Europe

Currently no open call

humanities and social sciences

international research projects

up to 1 million Euro

Researchers from Germany and at least two other European countries should participate in the project.

Europe and Global Challenges

Currently no open call

social sciences with possible input from other disciplines

international, interdisciplinary research projects

up to 900,000 Euro

The majority of the project participants should be working in non-European regions, in addition to researchers from Europe.

Funding for Refugee Scholars and Scientists

Do not apply without prior consultation

all disciplines

own position or fellowship

researchers who are or were funded by the Foundation and who wish to integrate refugee scholars into their research context

Herrenhausen Conferences – Ideas and Concepts

Deadline: December 11, 2017

all disciplines

conferences with 150 to 250 participants

up to 100.000 Euro

university professors or heads of non-university research institutions in Germany

Lichtenberg Professorships

Deadline: June 5, 2018 (final call)

all disciplines


outstanding (young) researchers who want to carry out independent research in innovative and interdisciplinary areas

Off the Beaten Track

Do not apply without prior consultation

all disciplines

research projects; seed funding/infrastructure/teaching

researchers in Germany, interdisciplinary or international cooperations are welcome

Opus Magnum

Deadline: February 1, 2018

humanities and social sciences

funding of a teaching substitute

up to 18 months

professors who want to write an extensive scholarly treatise

Research in Museums

Currently no open call

all disciplines

workshops and symposia

museums and university collections

Symposia and Summer Schools

Expected September 2018 (symposia)

all disciplines

symposia (in Herrenhausen Palace convention center, Hannover); summer schools (throughout Germany)

prerequisites: interdisciplinary, international context; active participation on the part of young researchers; significant involvement of female researchers (speakers & participants)

University of the Future

Currently no open call

all disciplines

research projects, events (science/research)

projects aiming at structural innovation and internationalization of research and higher education

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