Visual Navigation


Prof. Dr. Ulrik Brandes, Universität Konstanz, FB Informatik und Informationswissenschaft

Prof. Dr. Albert Kümmel-Schnur, Universität Konstanz, Juniorprofessor für Digitale Medien/Digitale Kunst

Prof. Dr. Felix Thürlemann, Universität Konstanz, Kunstwissenschaft / Kunstgeschichte

PD Dr. Steffen Bogen, Universität Konstanz, Kunstwissenschaft / Kunstgeschichte

In the project "Visual Navigation. Development and Critique of Schematic Maps" we analysed media that support and change the knowledge of places, as well as the cultural techniques of orientation and navigation in different types of spaces. In a time during which digital media replaces paper-based maps we asked for the past, present, and future of orientation technologies. Our interest was focused on means and tools of visual navigation, which are not only defined by measuring and projecting a geometrical space but adapted to specific situations, as well as interests and decisions of usage. The project concentrated on three different scenarios: art historians researched the history of maps which refer to the city of Rome. Media studies focused on analogue and digital knowledge spaces as well as GPS-usage while computer science looked for innovative visualizations of information on space and navigation (map warping, pho2map). It was not the project’s least achievement to work out new ways of cooperation in between humanities on the one hand and computer sciences on the other. The historical and theoretical reflection on medial dimensions of space imaging and usage was thus combined with the practical development and implementation of the cultural technique of visual navigation itself.