Additional Funding and Training Opportunities

For grant recipients, the Volkswagen Foundation offers additional funding and training opportunities, depending on the funding initiative and on individual circumstances.

With additional funds for funded projects, the Volkswagen Foundation offers researchers who have fled Afghanistan the chance to continue their work in Germany. 

In the context of its Open Science Policy, the Volkswagen Foundation supports Open Data. The foundation provides its grantees with additional funding for the preparation of research data for data reuse and for making generated data available as Open Data. Apply anytime.

The Volkswagen Foundation offers funding for measures to improve science communication and knowledge transfer. The offer aims at new applicants as well as researchers who currently receive funding from the foundation.

With the objective of a better work-life balance for researchers with children, the Volkswagen Foundation offers additional funding opportunities in its initiatives supporting individual persons (e.g. fellowships).

The Volkswagen Foundation provides exklusive seminars for grantees (in German, only).