European Platform for Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanities (completed)

area of research: Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, Humanities
type of funding: organizing an event
How does the brain create a sense of self and identity? Manos Tsakiris is breaking down the traditional border between science and the humanities (Photo: Michael Heck).


This funding initiative aims to strengthen the international exchange of ideas among young researchers in Europe. In their networking projects they are expected to break new ground, cross the boundaries of disciplines, and significantly advance new lines of research.

Scope of Funding (terminated)

In January 2014 the Foundation has launched a new call for the second generation of the "European Platform". This call is only addressed to the members of the "European Platform" and their research partners.


The network encompasses two ‘generations’. The first, comprising eight networking groups, was initiated in 2006. The aim of these groups was to explore new interdisciplinary issues which could serve as a starting point for joint research.

Following a special call for proposals for this first generation in 2010 and subsequent international peer review, funding was granted to a total of eight research projects.

In the same year, a second generation of the “European Platform” was constituted. This generation comprises five networking groups and organized two workshops.

In February 2013 the members of both generations of the platform gathered for a joint meeting at Herrenhausen Palace in Hanover. They exchanged their project ideas with each other and with academic expert advisors working in the respective disciplines.