Documentation of Endangered Languages (completed)

area of research: Non-European Languages and Cultures, Social Anthropology
type of funding: research project
Dr. Thomas Widlok explains the electronic data base to gative Akhoe-Hai//om-speakers. Photo: Universität Heidelberg

Last deadline for applications was September 15, 2011

Some two thirds of the estimated 6,500 languages still spoken throughout the world are in danger of disappearing within the next one to two generations. But if a language dies, this also means that a piece of the cultural diversity of our world dies with it. The initiative cannot stop this development, but it can make sure that testimony to these language cultures, which are mostly only passed on by word of mouth, is recorded in an electronic archive of endangered languages before they vanish without trace: by means of audio tape, video camera, still camera and note pad.

The program funds documentation projects as well as symposia and summer schools. You will find details regarding the content and information about how to file an application in the Information for Applicants. The Archive of endangered languages can be found at the web page of the Max-Planck-Institute in Nijmegen.