Scientific Organization

Computational Statistics group, Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS)

Research at the HITS focuses on new theoretical approaches towards interpreting the rapidly increasing amount of experimental and observational data. Simulation, data mining, and scientific and statistical computing are subsumed under its notion of theory. The HITS style of operation is characterized by an interdisciplinary, cooperative approach.

The research agenda of the "Computational Statistics" group at the HITS comprises two major areas, the theory and practice of forecasting, and spatial and spatio-temporal statistics.  A common thread is a thorough theoretical treatment that is deeply rooted in probability theory and mathematical analysis, yet driven by applications, and aiming at computational solutions, particularly in the atmospheric, environmental, and earth sciences, and economics.

Computational Statistics group
Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies
Schloss-Wolfsbrunnenweg 35
69118 Heidelberg

Dynamics Group, Hamburg University of Technology

The group is part of the department of Mechanical Engineering at Hamburg University of Technology, TUHH. It also belongs to the University Research Centre on Maritime Technology, focusing on scientific and technological aspects of naval architecture and ocean engineering, with special emphasis on maritime energy systems and safety issues. For that purpose it brings together researchers from different fields of applied mathematics, the sciences and engineering.

The research group on Dynamics aims at a better understanding of complex dynamical processes in technology related structural and fluid dynamics, and the development of novel technologies.  A focus is on nonlinear processes in vibrations and waves, spanning different length and time scales. Both experimental, theoretical and numerical work is carried out, applying recent tools of nonlinear dynamics, and developing novel approaches. Applications comprise components and systems in offshore wind-energy and ocean energy conversion systems.

Dynamics Group
Technische Universität Hamburg
Schloßmühlendamm 30
21073 Hamburg