Completed Initiatives

Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences and Professional Practice in Graduate Education (completed in 2017)

International Research in Computational Social Sciences (completed in 2017)

Integration of Molecular Components in Functional Macroscopic Systems (completed in 2016)

Support for Europe (completed in 2016)

Call: Experience of Violence, Trauma Relief and Commemorative Culture – Cooperative Research Projects on the Arab Region (completed: 2015) 

Call: Science and Data-Driven Journalism (completed: 2015)

Call: Trilateral Partnerships – Cooperation Projects between Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine, Russia and Germany (completed: 2015)

Free-Electron Laser Science: Peter Paul Ewald Fellowships at LCLS in Stanford (completed: June 2015)

Call: Arts and Science in Motion – Wissenschaft und Kunst in Bewegung (2014)

State, Society, and Economy in Change – Multilateral-Cooperative Research Projects on the Arab World (2013)

European Platform for Life Sciences, Mind Sciences, and the Humanities

Key Issues for Academia and Society

Documentation of Endangered Languages

Focus on the Humanities (completed:July 2012)

Schumpeter-Fellowships (completed: March 2012)

Evolutionary Biology (completed: March 2012)

New Conceptual Approaches to Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems (completed: July 2011)

Deutsch plus – A Program for Multilingualism in Teaching and Research (completed: July 2011)

Future Issues of our Society (focussed on the program "Europe and Global Challenges" in 2010)

Innovative Methods for the Manufacturing of Multifunctional Surfaces (completed: December 2008)

Unity amidst Variety? Intellectual Foundations and Requirements for an Enlarged Europe (completed: August 2007)

Interplay between Molecular Conformations and Biological Function
(completed: September 2006) 

Innovation Processes in Economy and Society
(completed: August 2006)

Complex Materials: Cooperative Projects of the Natural, Engineering and Biosciences
(completed: January 2006)

Postdocs in Tandem: Program Supporting Cooperation in Transdisciplinary Projects
(completed: August 2005) 

Dynamics and Adaptivity of Neuronal Systems – Integrative Approaches to Analyzing Cognitive Functions
(completed: April 2004)

Program for Young Academics in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research
(completed: November 2003)

Program for Young Academics in Interdisciplinary Environmental Research
(completed: March 2003)

Physics, Chemistry and Biology with Single Molecules
(completed: December 2002)

Global Structures and Governance
(completed: December 2002)

How Do We Perceive or Shape ‘Foreign’ and ‘Native’ Cultural Identities? Research on Processes of Intercultural Dissociation, Mediation and Identity-Shaping
(completed: December 2002)

Research Abroad while on Sabbatical Leave
(completed: December 2002)

Program of Partnerships. Joint Research Projects in the Natural, Engineering and Economic Sciences with Institutes in Africa, Asia and Latin America
(completed: December 2002)

Junior Research Groups at German Universities
(completed: November 2002)

Analysis of Development, Differentiation and Disease by Conditional Mutagenesis
(completed: June 2002)

Quantitative Economics – Program of Fellowships for German Researchers in the United States
(completed: March 2002)

‘Efficiency through Autonomy’ – Program for German Universities
(completed: December 2001)

Mathematics – Perspectives at the Interface of School and University
(completed: December 2001)

Investigation of Non-Linear Dynamic Effects in Production Systems
(completed: December 2001)

Intra- and Intermolecular Electron Transfer
(completed: December 2001)

Cooperation with Natural and Engineering Scientists in Central and Eastern Eur
(completed: May 2001)