Arts and Science in Motion – Wissenschaft und Kunst in Bewegung (completed)

area of research: Calls Open to All Disciplines
type of funding: research project; organizing an event
Filmaufnahmen eines Solotanzes von Ros Warby durch Svenja Kahn und Florian Jenett. Im Projekt "Motion Bank" untersuchen Tänzer, Choreografen und Wissenschaftler die komplexen Prozesse bei Tanzaufführungen. (Foto: Jessica Schäfer für The Forsythe Company/Motion Bank)
Solo dance by Ros Warby, recorded by Svenja Kahn and Florian Jenett. In the project "Motion Bank" dancers, choreographers and researchers investigate the complex processes involved in dance performances. (Photo: Jessica Schäfer for The Forsythe Company/Motion Bank)


How is new knowledge gained? How are explanations of observable phenomena generated? What are the processes that steer and shape our lives? Answers to questions like these are sought not only by scientists but also by artists – each in their own way. This exploratory worldview creates a bridge between the realms of art and science. The limitation to the methods and approaches prevalent in one’s own realm or discipline, as usually the case, constitutes a separative factor. All too often a rigid boundary is drawn between scientific knowledge and artistic perception. Bringing the two into contact with each other and promoting fruitful exchange harbors great potential.

The Volkswagen Foundation wishes to promote an exchange among equals involving experts from the Berlin University of the Arts, scholars, scientists as well as artists of all disciplines by means of the planned event "Arts and Science in Motion – Wissenschaft und Kunst in Bewegung". "Motion" is to be at the center of focus in a dual sense: Processes of generating perception are to be brought into "motion" by questioning and probing the borders between science and the arts. In so doing, the topic "motion" is to be at the center of the exchange. The main object of the exercise is not to hastily produce new insights and results of presentation quality. Rather, the main focus will be on candid discourse and encounters between persons and their ideas with a view to becoming acquainted with other approaches and to intellectually tread wholly new paths.

Scope of Funding

The event "Arts and Science in Motion – Wissenschaft und Kunst in Bewegung" is aimed at Europe-based scholars and scientists who obtained their doctorate in any discipline, as well as artists of all disciplines with equivalent practical experience. It will take place in a quiet environment from October 5 to 10, 2014. Artists and scientists are given the opportunity to engage in discourse on the topic of "motion" and to develop new ideas for breaking down existing barriers between scholarship/science and the arts in respect of the process of gaining knowledge. The meeting will be structured and led by a team of experts. The costs of participation (travel and accommodation) will be covered by the Volkswagen Foundation.

Following the event, the Foundation intends to invite proposals for networking activities designed to further develop the ideas obtained.

Details of requirements and the application procedure can be found under Information on the call "Arts and Science" (pdf)

The deadline for submitting outline ideas was May 7, 2014.