The Foundation Staff

At present some 100 people work directly for the Volkswagen Foundation – in the "Staff Divisions" of the Secretary General as well as in the departments "Funding", "Investment Management" and "Finance and Administration".

Program Director
Dr. Pavel Dutow

Program Director

T +49 (0)511 8381-396
F +49 (0)511 8381-4396
Additional Information

Program Director in the funding team "Challenges – for Academia and Society". Responsible for projects in life sciences, especially in Biomedicine.

Background: Studies of Biology with focus on Microbiology, Genetics, and Biochemistry at the University of Göttingen (Institute of Microbiology and Genetics). Doctoral studies and Postdoc at the Hannover Medical School (Institute for Medical Microbiology and Hospital Epidemiology).

Subject areas:

  • Biomedicine  
  • Pharmacy

Funding initiatives: