The Foundation Staff

At present some 100 people work directly for the Volkswagen Foundation – in the "Staff Divisions" of the Secretary General as well as in the departments "Funding", "Investment Management" and "Finance and Administration".

Henning Otto

Member of the Executive Management

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F +49 (0)511 8381-387
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Member of the Executive Management, responsible for Finance and Administration.

Background: Following studies in Business Administration, Henning Otto worked in the Corporate Finance department of a large German bank. Prior to his present position, he was member of the Management Board of a firm in the food industry.

Dirk Panitzki

Network Administration

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F +49 (0)511 8381-4367
Dr. Martina Pörschke

Real Estate

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Sibylle Rahm

Assistant Conferences & Symposia

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Portrait Raethel
Dr. Maximilian Räthel

Program Director

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Member of the funding team "Challenges – for Academia and Society"; supervising funded projects in the realm of classical and ancient studies and at the intersection of analog and digital sciences.

Education: Magister and PhD in Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, and Ancient Oriental Studies (Göttingen and Thessaloniki); PhD thesis "Midas and the Kings of Phrygia – Studies on the History of Phrygia and Its Rulers from the 12th to the 6th Century B.C."

He previously held positions as administrative assistant at the department of information technology of the University Medical Center Göttingen and as scientific advisor for the German Council for Scientific Information Infrastructures (RfII).

Subject Areas:

  • Administrative Science
  • Classical and Ancient Studies
  • Law

Funding Initiatives:

Antonia Rehberg


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F +49 (0)511 8381-4202
 Jens Rehländer, Leiter Kommunikation, VolkswagenStiftung
Jens Rehländer

Head of Communication

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F +49 (0)511 8381-4380
Portrait Reimer
Nadine Reimer


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Portrait Reinhart
Miriam Reinhart


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F +49 (0)511 8381-4208
Beate Reinhold
Beate Reinhold

responsable for Public Relations (Print, Special Projects; Corporate Design)

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