The Foundation’s Principles of Good Practice

Based on the Principles of Good Practice for foundations (in German) which were published by the Association of German Foundations (Bundesverband Deutscher Stiftungen) in 2006 and on the revised principles of the European Foundation Centre (EFC) - on the national and the European level respectively - the Volkswagen Foundation decided to reinforce its vision of good practice.

In a joint effort with some major German foundations it developed 20 Principles of Good Practice focusing on more transparency and liability regarding the framework of their operation. These Principles represent the standards defined among the major German foundations and provide information on the standard practice of the Volkswagen Foundation.

The 20 Principles of Good Practice

Download: Extended version with annotations and a commitment of the Volkswagen Foundation (pdf)

In external evaluations, independent experts carry out comprehensive assessments of the Foundations objectives, funding concepts, instruments, and procedures of the Foundation.