Volkswagen Foundation Events

Events of the Volkswagen Foundation are aimed at strengthening the bond between science and society at large and generating fresh impetus for the transfer of research results. Since January 2013, scientific symposia, workshops and conferences are held in the newly reconstructed Herrenhausen Palace, where the Foundation also offers series of events open to interested members of the public.

With a series entitled Herrenhäuser Gespräche, the Volkswagen Foundation and the broadcasting corporation NDR Kultur are presenting topical themes from the fields of research and culture which concern society in general. The Herrenhäuser Gespräche address members of the public with an interest in scholarly affairs. They are held in German.

The Herrenhäuser Forum encompasses three thematic areas designed to interest broad segments of the public in matters concerning science, scholarship and research. The topics include Current Affairs, Politics-Economy-Society, as well as Mankind-Nature-Technology (in cooperation with Spektrum der Wissenschaft). They are held in German.

The Herrenhausen Conferences focus on pressing academic issues of particular relevance to present and future society. These are closed events exclusively reserved for experts. In some cases, however, individual program items may well be made open to the public.

The Herrenhausen Symposia provide an academic arena where researchers can develop new ideas and discuss innovative lines of research. Financial support for such symposia may be available within the context of the Foundation’s funding program. Occasionally, the Volkswagen Foundation presents its own symposia on topics of particular relevance for the foundation as such or the region of Hanover and Lower Laxony. Symposia are always closed events, although in some cases individual items of the agenda may be made open to members of the public.

"Herrenhausen Late - ScienceMusicFriends" is a series of events for a young, scientifically interested public. Competent experts highlight original scientific topics from an entertaining perspective. The ballroom in Herrenhausen Palace is transformed into a lounge, with DJ, sitting areas, a small stage, bar and free drinks.