Events for the Public

Das Plenum auf dem Herrenhäuser Forum "Islam, Gewalt und Öffentlichkeit"
(Foto: Philip Bartz for Volkswagen Foundation)

The Xplanatorium Herrenhausen in Hanover is located in the historic gardens of Herrenhausen Palace. Since 2013, it has been home to a modern platform for the discussion of current research questions, the latest scientific findings, and new research methods. The Xplanatorium Herrenhausen considers the public dissemination of new knowledge to be just as important as involving the interested public in debate on the central challenges of our time.

Admission and seat reservation is free of charge for events organized by the Volkswagen Foundation. The doors open 45 minutes before the start of the event. 

The Xplanatorium Herrenhausen focuses on three major themes in various formats:

The thematic area politics – economy – society is dedicated to the controversial problems facing modern society. On the basis of the current state of research, representatives of science, politics and business discuss how our society can be shaped in the age of progressive digitalization and technologization, increasing migration and social inequality.

The thematic area man – nature – technology addresses central questions relating to the interaction of man, nature and technology. It considers possibilities of how this can be achieved for future generations in a healthy environment in view of dwindling reserves of raw materials and fluctuating food reserves in large parts of the world, climatic change and a constantly growing world population.

Often in the wake of current developments, the thematic area of culture – history – current events focuses either on historically significant or current political events that determine and shape current social discourse. New perspectives are presented. Traditional patterns of interpretation are critically questioned in the dialogue between scholars, media experts and cultural practitioners, as are new manifestations and phenomena of digital communication.